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Meanwhile, here is some feedback from the General English course which finished in June 2021:

Student Feedback

"I loved Stuart Teadley's classes. He is an amazing tutor. The improvment im my grammar, speaking, pronuntiation and writing was noticed."

"I enjoyed learning English and making new friends. Stuart made the experience very enjoyable and was definitely very helpful."

"Our teacher was excellent. He was very clear all the time and very aware about all our mistakes and doubts."

"Online teaching was very smooth and fruitful, the division into groups and the whole class work very well. Especially being able to split into groups and work in "rooms" was a good side of learning with the Zoom platform. Regardless of the state of health and the weather, it was possible to take part in the classes, which increased the attendance. I am satisfied with online teaching."

"Our teacher clearly explained all the issues and we had a lot of different exercises."

"Stuart has been a perfect teacher"

"Best Teacher Ever !!!"

"Stuart is very helpful and an excellent teacher."

"Very good teacher,friendly atmosfere,good facilities for learning f.ex books ,exercises"

"Teacher was awesome and helpful"

"I'm very happy with my course and the way of teaching and learning. There is nothing I can complain about. The teacher is great, always available, good organised, very helpful."

"I have enjoyed the time working together with the classmates and the teacher."

"I don't like the classes when is self study working alone off-line. So this course was good because we were all the time working together on-line. "

"I have could assit to my lessons thanks to they were online. I work full time and this situation has allowed me improve my english."

"The teacher was stunning and huge in his work."

"I have enjoyed the course .I have learned a lot of thinks about tenses which I never learned before I also have more communication."


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