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English for Employment


Our English for Employment classes cover the language needed for many areas of employment. This course covers common areas of employability skills, such as teamwork, health and safety, problem-solving, customer awareness etc


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The course reflects levels 1- 3 of the European Quality Framework and students on this course can work towards SQA qualifications in ESOL for Work

  • Section 01: Teamworking - Understanding why working as a team is vital to the success of the organisation.
  • Section 02: Communication - Using Verbal, Visual and Written communication to convey information in the workplace.
  • Section 03: Self-Management - Looking at changes in behaviour or habits to improve employability and life skills.
  • Section 04: Problem Solving - Identifying what problems are, where they come from and how to resolve them.
  • Section 05: Customer Awareness - Considering the role of the employee in understanding and serving clients and customers.
  • Section 06: Health and Safety - Exploring the rules and regulations designed to keep everyone safe at work.
  • Section 07: Rights & Responsibilities - Learning what is expected of you and what you can expect from your employer.
  • Section 08: Exploring Job Opportunities - Matching personal skill to potential job opportunities.
  • Section 09: I.T. in the Workplace - Investigating the most common computer programmes and applications used in employment.

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